Congress candidate Lalit Vasoya asked for notes.

Congress candidate Lalit Vasoya asked for notes.

Lalit Vasoya, the congress candidate from the Porbandar lok sabha seat, has sought notes and votes from voters on social media. He said that the central government has seized the accounts of congress but there are no funds. He said, "I am the congress candidate from Porbandar lok sabha, I do not have enough money so I need Rs 10 each from the voters. I am the candidate with the least assets among the 52 candidates on 26 seats.

A video has surdata-faced in which he has been requested to give a note along with the vote. Vasoya said that I needed money to contest the elections. Porbandar lok sabha candidate Lalit Vasoya has asked for funds of only Rs 10 from voters through his bank account number and scanner.

On the other hand, the congress candidate from the rajkot seat Paresh Dhanani will file a nomination today (April 19). On the rajkot seat, which has become high-profile in the state due to opposition from the kshatriya community, congress has fielded Paresh Dhanani against bjp candidate Parshottam Rupala. Paresh Dhanani will fill out the nomination form today in Vijay Muhurta.

Paresh Dhanani took blessings from eunuchs

Before running for candidature, Paresh Dhanani reached Kaaba Gandhi's palace. During this time a unique sight was seen. Kinnar community blessed Paresh Dhanani for his victory in the lok sabha elections. Therefore today, at the time of filling out nomination forms, a felicitation meeting has been organized at Bahumali Chowk. Where congress workers including State President Shaktisingh Gohil and a large number of supporters will gather.

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