AP - Shock to TDP and Boost to YSRCP

As the election time in andhra pradesh draws nearer, the jumping of leaders continues. Adari kishore Kumar, who is known as the fire brand of telugu Desam party, seems to have resigned from the party. Also today at 8:30 am in the presence of cm Jagan mohan reddy he announced that he is going to join the ycp party. At this time Adari kishore also wrote a letter.
In the letter, I have been dedicating my life to the people as a student leader for 30 years in my political life..My political life is almost for the telugu Desam party, Chandrababu is a visionary and to fulfill NTR's hopes that he will give opportunities to anyone. He said that he personally met Chandrababu, lokesh and Ammagari many times and they all responded positively.
He was very upset that the ticket was given to someone else even though the MLC promised to give it to you in the elections. However, I did not express that pain.. I did an adventure that no one would do. I also protested a lot with Save Democracy flags for Chandrababu on the Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam flight. I was very sad because Babu was in jail and protested in many places from Galli to Delhi. He said that as a result of this he was stuck in many cases. But in the end he also lost his belief that the party he believed in would recognize him.. lokesh tried his best in the Yuvagalam padayatra where even his financial condition was not good, he invited people and welcomed the youth leader in a grand manner. .

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