AP Elections - Majority is Difficult this time?

This time there are many surveys to tell how tight the fight is going to be in the upcoming andhra pradesh elections. And many expectations are also rising. Both the ruling ycp and the opposition telugu Desam Alliance are taking the election more seriously than ever before. They are insisting that they must win this time even if it is six hundred or one hundred and fifty. Therefore, every vote is becoming crucial. Also, the competition of "You or Me" is going well. 

In this context, a survey by india Herald has shown that the previous huge majorities may not come this time. Because huge majorities will be registered only if the elections are conducted unilaterally. But looking at the situation, it is clear that this is not the case. In this context, the search has also started on where the huge majorities will come this time. The survey reveals that there is no scene of huge majorities even in the ten seats that are up for grabs. They say that this time there is a narrow majority with small majorities. There is also a discussion on whether we will see a huge majority of 30,000 in the upcoming elections.
In 2019, however, it can be said that there are more than twenty thousand majority seats. Also, there are tens of seats with a majority of more than 30,000. More to the point, the majority of more than 100,000 have come. However, chief minister YS jagan Mohan reddy got a majority of ninety thousand votes. In the same swing, there are many seats where forty thousand and fifty thousand majorities were touched.

Then all these are the seats won by YCP. Because the huge popular vote in 2019 election was in favor of Jagan. Under the leadership of jagan Mohan reddy, ycp won 151 seats in 2019. The tdp got only 23 seats. Jana Sena got only one seat, but this time the andhra pradesh election battle is going on full tight. With that, the discussion about who will get huge majority has started now.

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