Vote for Note - What Survey Says?

In recent times, various types of surveys from political parties are mushrooming day by day. But the news is also heard that all these surveys are done just for money.. Especially those who have a bit of political thinking in this matter can understand that which survey is in favor of someone.. If you see any survey and think it is true, then it is a mistake.

Surveys are just about the mood of the people and there is an opportunity to correct any mistakes and there is also an opportunity to make a set right due to the results of these surveys.. But the argument that all the existing surveys are being made in their favor is coming out from all parties. It seems that these surveys, which are only misleading people, are doing more harm than good. Many are doing these surveys as a business. No one knows what procedure they are doing and what sample is being taken.

They are just telling the numbers.. They are singing the song in favor of any party.. Because of this, many parties are falling apart. If all this is the case in Andhra, the story of surveys is also competitive. Now if you look at all the surveys, the mood of the people will change. Everyone is surprised to see the surveys that give huge numbers and say that a particular party will win one-sidedly. Especially national organizations are doing the same. It is heard that such surveys are being given only for money.

It has become a habit to conduct surveys especially in favor of those with whom there is a business bond. Especially lately more and more surveys are becoming viral on social media. But the educated people, but those who watch TV, do not believe all this. It can be said that only the voters there know the ground reality. Also, the reaction of some politicians when they come to the public can be understood to some extent. Political analysts say that if you believe the surveys given by the juggling of the numbers that the surveys say, then it is sure to sink completely. It is being argued that while many politicians are distributing notes for votes as well, now they are also distributing notes for surveys.

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