Profession vs. Politics: Candidates Clash.!

Sindujaa D N

The Puthalapattu constituency in Ummadi chittoor district has emerged as a focal point of political discussion, particularly regarding the contest between the telugu desam party (TDP) and the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu congress Party (YCP). Dr sunil Kumar, a doctor by profession, is representing the ycp, while Dr Kalikiri murali Mohan, a journalist with grassroots experience and understanding of public issues, is contesting from the TDP.

Elections in Puthalapattu have been ongoing since 2009, with Dr. P. ravi of the congress winning the initial election. Following the state's bifurcation in 2014, Dr sunil Kumar secured victory as a YSRCP candidate. However, controversies surrounding him led to dissatisfaction among the ycp cadre, resulting in his sidelining in the 2019 elections, where MS Babu of the ycp emerged victorious. Recently, Dr sunil Kumar has been given another chance by the ycp, while the sitting mla MS Babu has joined the congress party, though his impact seems limited.

The main electoral battleground appears to be between the tdp and ycp, with Dalit voters playing a crucial role, constituting 50 to 55%  of the electorate, particularly those from the Arava Mala social group, comprising 30 to 35%  of the Dalit vote bank. While the congress won the constituency before state bifurcation, the ycp emerged victorious in the elections held thereafter, relegating the tdp to the role of the opposition.

Amidst these dynamics, there are expectations that the tdp could secure victory for the fourth time, with bjp and Jana Sena also expected to make an impact. However, there are murmurs of uncertainty within the ycp as well. The electoral landscape of Puthalapattu remains fluid, with the outcome yet to unfold.

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