Did Chandrababu's Alliance Strategies work out..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Did Chandrababu's Alliance Strategies work out..!?

-Chandrababu's alliance strategies.

-Chandrababu went down like never before in his political life.

-The bjp leader is becoming a key decision-maker.

Chandrababu wrote many strategies before the elections insisting that cm jagan should be deposed. Chandrababu wrote alliance strategies for the fear that if he goes to the elections like 2019 himself, he will be defeated.No matter how many curses they cursed in the past, no matter how much they disagreed, they decided to go with Pawan. Pawan was convinced of that. It must be said that Chandrababu has been very successful so far. However, Pawan Kalyan, who claims to be a partner with the bjp from the beginning, insists that the party should also be in the alliance. For this, Chandrababu went down the stairs like never before in his political life. The bjp, which was not very amenable to the alliance with the tdp, was forced into the alliance. He had to work hard for this. After meeting Modi and amit shah for alliances, they had to wait for a month for the finalization ofalliances. Even though the bjp leaders did not respond, Chandrababu waited very patiently. Chandrababu pursued politics with the insistence of bringing down Jagan. All in all, what was plannedwas achieved. He was able to enter the nda again. Chandrababu did not hold his happiness even for a long time when he thought that Jagan had been deposed. If you look at the number of seats in the alliance, you can understand the extent to which Chandrababu has compromised. Six lok sabha seats were given simultaneously. In the matter of alliances, the tricks of Chandrababu who succeeded in persuading pawan kalyan to fewer seats did not work in front of the top bjp leaders.

Pawan Kalyan, who was expected to contest in 50-60 seats a few months before the election rush, why did he drop so much after that? Anyway, Pawan, who was determined to oust jagan, compromised on the seats. Reduced from 50 to 24 seats. At first, everyone wondered how pawan kalyan accepted all the low seats. But now the scene has completely changed. Pawan sacrificed another one of the 24 seats for the BJP. pawan kalyan failed to field candidates for the remaining 21 seats as well. Out of those 21 seats, up to 10 seatswere handed over to the immigrants from tdp and YCP and Pawan got his hands on it. The leaders are surprised to see this situation. Pawan Kalyan, who could not field his own candidates in 21 seats, wonders how he would have fielded 50 seats. Pawan's campaign is also doing the same as Chandrababu. Chandrababu is lecturing in every assembly as if he is a great man.

If this is the case with the Janasena, then the case with the tdp is different. Even though the key partner in the alliance is telugu Desam, it seems that bjp elders are the biggest players in the distribution of alliance seats. The bjp leader is becoming a key decision-maker in the selection of seats for that party. There is a situation where the party has to give only the seats chosen by that party. bjp, which has benefited from this whole scene, is behaving as if all the trouble is tdp and Janasena's, but the seats are theirs. Although it is thought that the three parties will go together as a great power, time is passing with misconceptions, adjustments, waves, threats, and appeasement. It must be said that if Chandrababu does not properly control the leaders of the alliance. If the allianceis not formed, it must be said that Chandrababu will be defeated once again at the hands of Jagan.

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