CBN and Balayya Guaranteed - But No Guarantee for Lokesh in Mangalagiri?

The process of election nominations has started. The polling deadline for the leaders has come closer. But if we look at the key positions of tdp leaders, Chandrababu is once again contesting from the top. Yesterday, bhuvaneshwari also filed nomination on his behalf. When it comes to Kuppam, even though the tdp suffered a blow in the local elections, Chandrababu remained adamant about the results of the assembly elections. Recently he visited there once or twice. As the party leader, Chandrababu is not traveling all over the state, but the local leaders are making arrangements there.

And when it comes to Balayya.. balayya who has won twice in a row from hindupuram will win again.. He is confident of a hat-trick. He too had not seen the data-face of hindupuram till yesterday. Recently he started campaigning in Seema. However, no one has any doubts about Balayya's victory in Hindupuram. Balayya's campaign, which has already entered the field, is also getting a good response.

When it comes to another tdp key leader Nara Lokesh... he is once again entering the mangalagiri ring. It is known that lokesh, who contested the assembly election for the first time in the last assembly, had a bitter experience at the hands of ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='alla-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">alla ramakrishna Reddy. As he is the leader who has to lead tdp in the future, his victory is imperative this time. If he loses for the second time in a row, it will be a big blow to his political future.

In such circumstances, Nara lokesh has been confined to mangalagiri for years. He did not propagate beyond Mangalagiri. ycp has strategically fielded handloom woman Murugudu Lavanya as bc is the seat where the social class is dominant. That is why lokesh did not leave mangalagiri with the determination to win at any cost. However, despite doing so much, Dima does not seem to be able to win again.

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