Have you seen the comments on Pawan & Babu's Manifesto..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Have you seen the comments on Pawan & Babu's Manifesto..!?
In another 24 hours, nominations will be opened in AP. From the 18th (Thursday) of this month, the notification of the third phase of elections will be available across the country including AP. Now, the nominations will be held in five days from here. However, till now the main parties in ap have not fully prepared the manifestos to attract the voters more. When it comes to ycp, they are saying that they will continue the existing schemes. However, Tadepalli's classes say that with the current alliance effect, there is a plan to increase these schemes. In this, Tarjana Bharjana is mainly focusing on providing free rtc bus services to women. But, the alliance party, TDP, is strongly taking this promise to the people. There is a possibility that ycp will also favor RTC-free travel to protect themselves from this effect.
And, in the rest, ycp will favor implementation as it is. If this is the case, the manifesto of the coalition parties is showing religion. bjp has already given a manifesto at the national level saying they are against freebies. It has only one free plan. That too, is a Free ration. Beyond this, all the rest too, nothing comes for free to the people. But, TDP's Super Six is completely free. The leaders of that party are estimating that if the manifesto is released jointly, there will be a chance for the bjp to data-face problems in the national arena. With this, in the manifesto, Super Six is being emphadata-sized. If the prime minister comes tomorrow and shows the manifesto if there are the majority of free schemes in it, the bjp will have to data-face the argument that they are adopting a dual policy at the national level. The leaders of this party are saying that this should be corrected. But, Chandrababu is not agreeing to this. As a result, the coalition manifesto is still being discussed. Let's see what they will do in the end.

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