Jagan Vs Ravi..! Who will win in Pulivendula..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Jagan Vs Ravi..! Who will win in Pulivendula..!?
• Will tdp survive in Kanchukota Pulivendula?
• BTech ravi says that the main goal is the same even if he does not win.
•Jagan is sure to score a hat-trick.
Here in pulivendula constituency, the competition is going on like you or me. In the 2019 election, cm Jagan won with a huge majority of 90 thousand votes over AV Satish Kumar Reddy. YS family has been winning here since 1978. reddy and balija voters are more in this constituency. Reddy's Domination Constituency is said to be Pulivendula. And now, as part of the 2024 elections, BTech ravi from tdp is going to fight against Jagan. Locals say that development has been done well here.
There is no defeat except Jagan's victory here. But now cm Jagan's sister sharmila herself is contesting on behalf of the congress party. After the murder of YS Vivekananda reddy, the issue became a sensation in politics as rifts arose in the YS family. Analysts say that even if all these factors affect Jagan's majority, they will not be able to prevent him from winning. chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy is contesting from this constituency in Pulivendulu which has become the stronghold of the ysr family. Moreover, YS Rajasekhar reddy won. His wife YS Vijayamma won in the by-election held in 2012 after his death. Then YS Jaganmohan reddy won as mla and now 2024 As part of the election, YS Jaganmohan reddy is again contesting from Pulivendula. MLC BTech ravindra is contesting against him as a tdp candidate.
As part of the 2019 elections, Satish reddy contested on behalf of tdp and lost, but now his joining ycp has become the hottest topic in Pulivendu. Now the politics of pulivendula is becoming the most sensational. Jaganmohan reddy won as mla in the 2014 and 2019 elections. Now getting ready to hit a hat trick. Moreover, YSRCP is counting that this time the majority will be more than before. Although he is campaigning across the state, he is campaigning less in Pulivendu, but the support of the people there for the YS family is now turning positive for YS Jaganmohan Reddy. YS avinash Reddy, who is contesting as an mp there, is also making many efforts to bring YSRCP back to power.
On the other hand, the telugu desam party is also confident that they will give a tough contest and definitely defeat the Chief Minister. But the weather here is completely favorable for Jagan. It is clear that putting brakes on Jaganmohan Reddy's speed in pulivendula, which is an unbeatable constituency for the YS family, is not an easy task. However, the tdp candidate entered the fray to reduce the majority by giving a tough contest. And to know who will win on the factional ground, we have to wait for the full results.

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