Anbumani survives by cheating certain social groups - CV Shanmugam Review

Anbumani survives by cheating certain social groups - CV Shanmugam Review

Former AIADMK minister CV Shanmugam has said that Anbumani, who makes a living by deceiving certain social groups, has no right to talk about AIADMK. Former minister CV Shanmugam supported AIADMK candidate bhagyaraj in Dindivanam and conducted an election campaign today. Speaking then, Anbumani criticized the AIADMK for betraying them everywhere. It was Anbumani who came to my house that day for allotment. Today he is criticizing us because he is afraid of the bjp for the case.

Anbumani is an example of an ungrateful person. The Anbumani family is a family that lives politically by keeping certain social people. This Shanmugam is the one who saw you in 2006. You are a murderous family, an ungrateful family. AIADMK was the movement that overthrew the Vajpayee government because it opposed Amma and AIADMK.Kankalangi annamalai in the old age home; Seniors consoled in bjp style.AIADMK is a movement that made those who opposed AIADMK and traitors disappear. annamalai and the bjp will disappear after this election. Talking about annamalai AIADMK? Modi's roadshow is like a final pilgrimage. Because their vehicle is decorated with flowers as if going to a funeral procession. He criticized that this is the last election for Modi and annamalai who import drugs from Gujarat

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