Rayalaseema: People are disappointed with Balayya..!!

Hindupuram Constituency tdp MLA Nandamuri balakrishna has won twice so far and this time he is campaigning for a hat-trick by stopping film shootings. Recently, as part of the campaign, he is participating in the hindupuram constituency and interacting with the people. It is at this time that the people are calling for Balayya.. There are news that people are flocking in large numbers. There are reports that the roads are also filling up. Recently, balayya spoke in a meeting held in Hindupur that the Jana Sena bjp tdp alliance is going to create a ruckus in Andhra Pradesh.

Recently, balayya said that even if it is the ruling party, voting for the ycp party is like giving keys to thieves. balayya said that balayya was speaking at an open meeting at Shiv Circle in Emmiganur as part of the Swarnandhra Cooperation Yatra. All the systems in the state have stopped under ycp rule. balayya came under fire for looting lakhs of crores. They also complained that 1600 crores of public money was wasted for hoardings.

Balayya spoke in the house saying that the lives of the people were left unprotected.. Dalit children were beheaded. balayya said that if the ycp party comes to power again, people will have to give up their land and property and leave the state.. All the people should unite and create soil for evil rule.. Use your vote properly and bring democratic rule. balayya is also moving forward with the people by stating what he will do if he comes to power as part of the tdp party alliance.

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