Is that why KCR's speeches fail to impress?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is that why KCR's speeches fail to impress?
kcr who is keeping silent on important issues is being targeted personally. That is why his speeches are not as impressive as in the past. Kaleswaram told the media that under Bharat Rashtra Samithi, kcr will sit on tv and tell the whole story in two or three days. But after making announcements..days are passing. The TVs are ready but there is no response from him. In the end, not even a word is said about the daughter's arrest. It has been a month since kavitha was sent to ED jail. The cbi has also made an arrest before this. However, they are targeting kcr personally in the election public meetings. It is prophesied that he is making political comments and is going to join the BJP. But Kaleswaram, phone tapping, and Kavitha's arrest are not being talked about.
KCR nalgonda announced that he would sit on tv and tell the truth about the Kaleswaram project. It has been almost a month since it was announced. But forgot. He also said that he would tell about the phone tapping in two days. But forgot. It is not clear whether he will talk about Kaleswaram or phone tapping. If kcr speaks, TVs are ready to show from the first letter to the last letter. Not only on these. kcr is still not responding to many important issues. Daughter kavitha has not yet responded to the arrest. It has been a month since kavitha was arrested on Monday. kavitha has been in Delhi's tihar jail since her arrest. Many people are surprised that kcr has not spoken about his daughter's arrest as illegal or illegal.
It is known to everyone that once there was any small chance against the central government or the bjp, the sky was the limit for KCR. Such is the case after the defeat in the assembly elections, the ED and cbi arrested their daughter in the delhi liquor scam but remained silent. telangana politics rocked by telephone tapping. The Special Task Force police investigating the matter of tapping have already arrested about ten police officers. All of them are spreading rumors in the media that when BRS was in power, they targeted the phones of their opponents and tapped their phones. It is said that according to the information given by the arrested police officers through the leaks, the taping was done according to the orders of the top brass of the government. In this regard, ministers, leaders of the ruling Congress, Union Minister, bjp President Kishan Reddy, and others are all accusing kcr, KTR, and harish rao of being responsible for the taping. All the opponents are strongly demanding that action should be taken against kcr in the matter of taping. Why is kcr not talking about the matter of taping or Kavitha's arrest? He did not even go to delhi to see his daughter. Everyone knows that kcr is responsible for the telephone tapping that took place during his tenure. Moreover, kcr himself admitted that the taping took place during his reign.

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