'Down with Israel' slogans raised in Iranian Parliament?

'Down with Israel' slogans raised in Iranian Parliament?

A new war has started in the Middle east on sunday (April 14). iran carried out air strikes on israel using more than 300 drones. Not only this, these attacks were also celebrated in the Iranian Parliament. After the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria's capital Damascus, iran carried out air strikes on israel with more than 300 drones and missiles. After this, there are chances of armed conflict between the two countries. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Iran's attack has been blocked. Here, israel has claimed to have destroyed the bases of the organization linked to Hezbollah by attacking Lebanon. Amidst all this, a big statement from Iran's Chief of Staff Major General Bagheri has come out. He claimed that the operation was completely successful and iran does not want to take it further. He also issued a warning to Israel.

Iran said- we do not want to carry out more attacks

Iran's Chief of Staff Major General Bagheri said, 'The operation (air strike on Israel) was completed successfully. iran considers this operation complete and does not intend to continue it further. However, if israel does something in response, our next operation will be much bigger and more comprehensive than this.

Celebration in Iranian Parliament

Celebration was held in the parliament of iran after the air strike on Israel. Along with this, a warning was also given to Israel. According to Iranian media, the Speaker of parliament (Majlis) said that if any kind of attack or other kind of audacity is done by israel or its supporters, a befitting reply will be given.

What did israel say after the attack?

The 'New York Times' report quoted Israeli officials as saying that 185 drones, 110 surdata-face-to-surdata-face missiles, and 36 cruise missiles were fired from Iran. However, israel claims that Iran's attack caused minor damage to a military base and did not have much impact. However, the official has not yet made any disclosure about Israel's strategy. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on social media that we stopped Iranian drones and missiles. Attacks blocked. Together we will achieve victory.

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