Why were bullets fired at Salman's house? Reasons came to light

Why were bullets fired at Salman's house? Reasons came to light…

On sunday (April 14) morning, the attackers opened fire outside Galaxy Apartment, the home of bollywood actor salman Khan. The attackers are absconding after this attack. After the incident, only one question arose in the minds of people what could be the reason for firing at salman Khan's house? Some important information related to the case has been received from sources.

According to sources associated with agencies, there could be two biggest reasons for firing at Salman's house. The first thing is to make salman khan realize that he is not far from the reach of the lawrence Bishnoi gang. The second and biggest reason is that it could also be to collect huge extortion from the rich of Mumbai.

Names of lawrence Bishnoi and dawood ibrahim surdata-faced

If sources of security agencies are to be believed, this is the reason why the name of underworld don dawood ibrahim was also written in the data-facebook post of confession posted on social media after firing at salman Khan's house. Security agencies feel that the biggest reason behind writing Dawood's name is to show that now Dawood has no status in Mumbai. After firing at the house of superstar salman, lawrence Bishnoi's gang is considering mumbai as a big market for extortion.

Recruit boys involved in petty crimes

Police also believe that the reason for confessing after committing such a big crime is that the accused is sitting abroad. Because these gangsters know that the long arm of the law cannot reach them easily they often recruit boys involved in petty crimes into their gangs and get their enemies killed. In the greed to commit the crime, the shooters are assured that after the work is done, they will also be called abroad and just because of this greed, today's youth do not hesitate in committing any major crime.

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