Where are Iran's nuclear bases? let’s know

Where are Iran's nuclear bases? let’s know…

Iran has three underground Uranium Enrichment Plants. These plants are in Fordow, Natanz and Qoum (QOM). Apart from these, there are research reactors facilities in Ramsar, Tehran and Bonab and uranium conversion plants in Isfahan and Bushehr. Besides, there is also a heavy water reactor production plant in Eric. israel, America and Western countries have been continuously saying that iran is enriching uranium to the level of purity which it can use to make nuclear bombs.

Israel also attacked to destroy Iraq's nuclear reactor. In june 1981, under Operation Opera, the Israeli air Force attacked Iraq's nuclear bases in Osarik. At that time iraq was under the rule of Saddam Hussein and Saddam made a deal with france in 1970 to build nuclear power and work started on building Tamuz 1 and Tamuz 2. israel felt that if iraq succeeded in making it, it could prove to be a big threat to it in the future, so its air Force launched an air attack on Iraq's nuclear reactor.

Why did iran attack Israel?

At the beginning of the month, the Iranian embassy was attacked in Damascus, Syria. Two Iranian generals were killed in this attack. Regarding this, it was said that this attack was carried out by israel, in response to which on april 13, iran fired a number of missiles at Israel. However, israel has not admitted that it is behind the attack on the Iranian embassy.

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