Does Iran have enough uranium to make 12 nuclear bombs?

Does iran have enough uranium to make 12 nuclear bombs?

 Israel-Iran War: iran has underground uranium reserves in Fordo, Natanz, and Qom (QOM). It has been said in many reports that it has enough uranium to make 12 nuclear bombs. Experts believe that Iran's nuclear sites are on Israel's radar. iran has material ready to make a nuclear bomb. It has sufficient quantity of uranium. The United Nations Weapons Observer warned in january that iran had enough uranium to make 12 nukes. Additionally, in the jjjjjjjjjjMirror'skj report, American scientist David Albright also said that iran has enriched uranium by more than 90 percent.

Israel, America, and Western countries have been opposing Iran's production of nuclear bombs. There has also been an iran nuclear agreement regarding this, in which sanctions have been imposed on it. israel is also very cautious about this and in the last few years, it has also attacked Iranian targets.

According to a report by The Times of israel, in june 2022 also, dozens of Israeli air Force jets carried out attacks in the Mediterranean sea targeting Iran's nuclear sites. These attacks also took place in Cyprus. In the year 2021, the then-chief of the Israeli army said that israel was making preparations to demolish Iran's nuclear bases. Apart from this, amid recent tensions with iran, israel has carried out air strikes on its nuclear facilities.

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