No prohibition, but take care of feelings

No prohibition, but take care of feelings…

Hearing Modi's statement, remember Mohsina of Gangs of Wasseypur 2, who had told Faizal Khan, 'There is no permission, but permission should be taken.' Modi ji has also taken the same line, there is some disapproval but one should not tease devout Hindus by posting videos on public platforms. It is clear from this statement that Modi is also well aware of the contemporary 'food discourse'. While defending individual food choices, he took aim at the mentality of public shaming to instigate others. The snake also died and not even the stick broke. Modi is no less than Lalu in giving subtle messages.

It is natural for those who have political sympathies with Lalu to not like Modi's answer, but those who sympathize with Modi's politics will remember that the PM has been fasting during navratri for decades. During the last navratri, his own written Garba dedicated to Mother Goddess had gone viral. Among his Gujarati poems written decades ago, many poems are dedicated to the Mother Goddess. In such a situation, Modi supporters will find his reaction very normal, just as Lalu-Tejashwi supporters will find it 'normal' to post a video of eating mutton and fish during Sawan-Navratri.

In one line, both leaders were successful in appeasing the sentiments of their respective vote banks. This is what politics is all about. Also remember that Mangal Pandey, mahatma gandhi, Periyar, and Babasaheb Ambedkar came from four corners of the country. That means everyone's emotions are linked to food. The difference is that whose feelings are hurt by which food and which drink, matters.

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