Will Song Sentiment work for Jagan...?

Sowmiya Sriram
Will Song Sentiment work for Jagan...?
It is said that even stones melt to music. But in today's time, people are listening to the same music. The telangana special movement was excited by the game. Such a song is now being used as a major weapon in elections. If the song is successful, many candidates are also successful. Such a song went well with the sentimental revanth Reddy. And in this election, will that song sentiment come together with Jagan? Or let's see the details. Narsanna is a famous folk singer from nalgonda district. He is known as nalgonda Gaddar. Many songs from his voice thrilled people.
  No matter what is in nalgonda Gaddar's voice, if you sing the song of politicians, it will get millions of views. If that song is a success then the candidate is definitely winning. But he sang a wonderful song on revanth reddy during the telangana elections. The song "Three Colors Flag Patti Singamole Korudi Nadu Ekdu congress Surya Mana Revantanna" made not only the congress leaders but also many people dance.
The song was well-received garnering a few million views. Every congress campaign without this song is not a campaign run. Thus this song, which is very popular among the people, brought this song to the people with success and became a part of forming the congress government. He also wrote a special song for himself. This song connected with the masses better than all the songs of other leaders. The same song is heard throughout the election campaign. The leaders are taking steps and are rushing in the campaign. On social media, however, the song is garnering a few million views. But the way Revanth's song was popular then, now Jagan's song is also gaining popularity. And like revanth, the netizens are debating whether jagan will succeed in the ap assembly elections with song sentiment.

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