Loan Waivers: Fake Promise?

Sindujaa D N
The political landscape in telangana is heating up, with leaders from various parties engaging in promises, objections, and criticisms to garner support. The congress party, in particular, made several pledges to the people of the state before the assembly elections, including a promise to waive farmer loans.

 However, three months into the formation of the congress government, opposition leaders, led by harish rao, are demanding accountability and implementation of these promises before seeking votes in upcoming elections. revanth reddy, cm of the congress, recently announced that the Rs. 2 lakh loan waiver promised during the elections would be implemented by august 15.

 This declaration has stirred political circles, especially with the election Code coming into effect, subjecting government schemes to its provisions. harish rao, in response, launched a scathing tweet from BRS, accusing revanth reddy of using loan waivers as a deceptive tactic to win votes in the upcoming elections. He demanded an apology from the cm for failing to fulfil his promise made on december 9.

Furthermore, harish rao questioned the sincerity of the congress party in fulfilling other election promises, such as providing Rs. 15,000 per acre to farmers, Rs. 12,000 to agricultural labourers, and Rs. 2,500 per month to poor women under the Mahalakshmi scheme. His protests highlight the growing frustration among the opposition regarding the perceived lack of implementation of Congress' election pledges. As the lok sabha elections loom, BRS intensifies its criticism of the congress, aiming to hold them accountable for their promises to the electorate.

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