Bandaru's Seat Snub: TDP Fallout?

Sindujaa D N
The election dynamics in andhra pradesh are intensifying, with key developments unfolding within the major political parties. Recently, there has been dissatisfaction among some senior leaders over the allocation of seats, leading to resignations and party exits. In the latest development, tdp senior leader Bandaru Satyanarayana expressed his desire to contest from the pendurthi seat but was disappointed when it was allocated to janasena candidate Panchkarla ramesh babu as part of the alliance agreement.

Bandaru's disappointment over not receiving the pendurthi seat led him to stay away from the party for a few days, although he clarified that he had no intention of leaving the TDP. However, it seems unlikely that janasena will actively campaign in support of the tdp candidate in Pendurthi.

Following a meeting with Chandrababu Naidu, during which Bandaru expressed his grievances, there were discussions about offering him the Madugula seat. However, Bandaru declined this offer, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with the unilateral allocation of the pendurthi seat to Janasena.

The situation escalated when Bandaru conveyed his grievances to Chandrababu, who responded by questioning his decision and expressing his frustration. This exchange led to a tense moment, with Bandaru promptly exiting the discussion. tdp leaders are now concerned about Bandaru's next steps and await his decision after consulting with his supporters.

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