AP - Will there be a New Joint Manifesto?

Currently, there is an interesting discussion on the political policies of tdp, bjp and janasena, which are jointly contesting in AP. assembly and parliament elections will be held simultaneously in Andhra Pradesh. The polling date of May 13 is approaching. The actual polling date is not even a month away. 

At this time, tdp chief chandrababu naidu is showering blessings on the people. They are promising to implement welfare schemes everywhere. On the other hand, prime minister Modi, who is a key member of the alliance, says that he is against freebies. It is noteworthy that different voices are coming from these two parties belonging to the same group. These parties have already started the election campaign in the state. But will these alliance parties in ap announce a joint manifesto? There is currently a lack of clarity on whether they will proceed separately.
During the last ten years as prime minister, Modi focused only on development. He has made it clear many times that his aim is to include india from the list of developing countries to the developed countries. In this sequence, the indian economy has now become the fifth largest economy in the world. He claims that india is sure to reach the third position soon. But bjp is of the opinion that freebies are detrimental to the development of the country.

Even the policies of that party are only towards national development. bjp has focused on development while giving due importance to welfare. With this, it seems that bjp is determined to place india at the top of the world by 2047. At this moment, political analysts have no idea what policies the party will adopt in AP. The party is currently contesting elections in ap along with tdp and Jana Sena. At this time, it is not known whether janasena and bjp in the alliance have the information, but tdp leader Chandrababu is giving big assurances to the people.

To implement the welfare schemes in the state, cooperation from the central government is required. But the bjp, which is averse to freebies, is not stopping its ally tdp anywhere. That party is not even supporting that. He has already given Super Six promises in the name of mini manifesto. The full manifesto will be announced soon. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how the bjp will react to this.

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