AP Stone Politics - Is TDP under one roof?

The stone attack on ap cm jagan has become a sensation. It is known that as part of the election campaign, jagan was attacked with a pebble during his bus trip in Vijayawada. He suffered a minor injury on his data-face. The leaders are openly condemning the attack on the eve of the elections. prime minister Modi, former cm Chandrababu and other CMs reacted to this incident.

However, the way the leaders of the telugu country acted in this attack has become controversial. When the cm of a state was attacked, it should have been condemned. When it comes to politics, criticism, every criticism is a must. But many are questioning whether politics is important when the opponent is in difficult times.

When Chandrababu was attacked in tirupati in the past, YS Rajasekhar reddy went and consulted him. But many people are criticizing that the way tdp is acting today is very disgusting. Immediately after the attack, the tdp leaders came before the media and spoke as they liked the attack. Chandrababu did not even try to stop them.

On the other hand, nara lokesh posted a satirical poem criticizing Jagan. At the same time, after prime minister Modi and Chandrababu condemned this attack, they demanded an inquiry into this and strict punishment of the accused. At the same time Nara Lokesh's response was quite opposite and the questions are being asked whether they are all one or a different party

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