'BJP's resolution letter is PM's guarantee'-Shekhawat statement..?

Sekar Chandra
'BJP's resolution letter is PM's guarantee'-Shekhawat statement..?

Union Jal shakti minister gajendra singh shekhawat has described BJP's election manifesto as a guarantee of PM Modi. He said that it is the manifesto of a developed India. He targeted the manifesto of Congress. Said that congress betrays its promises. Gajendra Singh said that before assuming the post of prime minister in 2014, Modi had resolved to change the country. He had promised to work to make the country rich, powerful, and prosperous. During its tenure of 10 years, the bjp government has worked to transform the country. Now the country can become a developed India. He said that after independence the governments demonstrated indifference.

BJP's resolution letter is Modi's guarantee - Shekhawat

Shekhawat said the country is moving towards a developed india full of confidence. The foundation stone of the resolve for a developed india lies in the manifesto. Shekhawat said the previous government had made big promises under the chiranjeevi health Insurance Scheme. congress should answer how many people have benefited from the free health insurance scheme. He said that the public has already responded to the witchcraft of former chief minister Ashok Gehlot. gajendra singh shekhawat, who contested from the jodhpur seat, took a dig at the statement of karan Singh Uchiyarda.

Union minister also spoke on the statement of congress candidate

On the statement of making golden stairs, Shekhawat said that it is the fault of Congress's DNA. congress enjoyed the pleasures of power by giving the slogan of eradicating poverty. Shekhawat said that he wants to serve the country by considering the poor as Ganesh. Union Jal shakti minister gajendra singh shekhawat said that women have also been given attention in BJP's resolution letter. The resolution letter mentions plans to increase respect for women. Let us tell you that karan Singh Uchiarada and gajendra singh shekhawat are in the election battle of Jodhpur. The second voting phase on the jodhpur seat will be held on april 26.

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