Hindupuram's Politics - Melting Pot.?

Sindujaa D N
The political landscape in hindupuram, particularly within the telugu desam party (TDP), is vibrant as the 2024 elections approach. Learning from past setbacks, the tdp is striving to reclaim its former prominence, with a focus on key figures like Sathya Sai baba and NT Rama Rao. Notably, NT Rama Rao prioritized the backward classes (BCs), who constitute a significant voter base.

In the upcoming elections, hindupuram parliamentary constituency is witnessing a diverse array of candidates. Three individuals from the kamma community, one from the reddy community, and one from the bc community are vying for seats, reflecting the constituency's demographic composition. Additionally, the YSRCP has fielded candidates from various backgrounds, including a lay doctor in the sc reserved constituency and TN deepika from the Kuraba community, challenging the incumbent tdp MLA Nandamuri balakrishna in the hindupuram assembly seat.

Former tdp minister Palle Raghunath reddy, Ketireddy Venkatram reddy, and others are also contesting in different constituencies within the parliamentary region. Notably, BK Parthasarathy, a former MLA, is making a comeback bid, expressing confidence in his candidacy for the hindupuram parliamentary seat. Similarly, Jala Dasari Shanthamma, hailing from Bellary, Karnataka, but with familial ties to Guntakallu in Andhra Pradesh, is the YSRCP's candidate for hindupuram MP. 

Shanthamma emphadata-sizes her local roots and connections to the Valmiki community, seeking support from bc voters and highlighting YSRCP's welfare schemes under cm Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

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