It was Dravidian who got the education and rights denied to women - Ponmudi

Sekar Chandra
It was Dravidian who got the education and rights denied to women - Ponmudi

The minister campaigned in Ponmudi Villupuram in support of Vishika candidate ravikumar saying that it was the Dravidians who got the education and rights that were being denied to women. Dravidam has broken the barriers for every woman said minister Ponmudi in Villupuram

In support of the Liberation Tigers of india (LTTE) candidate D. Ravikkumar, who is contesting in the Villupuram parliamentary constituency, the minister met people in Ponmudi villages and collected votes. The minister campaigned in rural areas including Chatanur, Ponnanguppam, Asur, Asur Colony, Melakontai, and V.Salai, which are part of the Kanai Union.

Minister Ponmudi speaking in the Ponnanguppam area said that the Dravidian government has done many pioneering projects that no other government in india has done. vidya Yatra, Women's Rights Fund, Innovation Women's Project, etc. are schemes to remove the economic burden of women and make you independent and self-reliant. Apart from that, the breakfast program has relieved the burden of the mothers and eliminated the hunger of the children. So DMK government is a government for women, he said.

Then he called the girl there and inquired whether breakfast was available in the school and how it was. There were no such programs in the period we studied. Only one of the 16 people who studied with me during that period was a woman. women have been denied education for ages. Periyar was the one who broke it and fought for women to get the inexhaustible wealth of education. Anna, an artist, made the dream he saw on Periyar's path a reality. Their successor, chief minister Stalin, is also paying special attention to the advancement of women.

There is no division between us like caste and religion. Caste should not exist in today's environment. There should be an understanding that both men and women are the same. So all of you proudly call yourself a Dravidian woman. It was Dravidian who got you the right you were denied. Dravidian when you get the education you were denied. We should all be together.

All are equal in Dravida. That is the basis of Dravidian rule. It is essential for a society to dissolve gender inequality and build gender equality. To fulfill it, our government is carrying out numerous welfare schemes. Don't forget to vote for ravikumar, who is a close supporter of our tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin and is supported by the leader of the LTTE Party, Thol Thirumavalavan. He said to go door to door to others in your area. Kallakurichi mp Gautama Chikamani and Vishik Deputy General Secretary Vanniarasu were also present on the occasion.

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