A Strange Situation for Minister Dharmana in Srikakulam..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
A Strange Situation for minister Dharmana in Srikakulam..!?
- Moves to dilute TDP's new candidate.
- success is a mind game with voters with arbitrary feelers.
- The minister who is sweating with his family inside saying it's easy.
For the first time after 1985, the tdp ticket went to an outside leader and not the Gunda family. That too for a young man. That has now become a problem and incomprehensible to the sick people. Despite the fear of winning, Gondu shankar says that he is not really a competition to fill his cadre with enthusiasm. The term of counsel in srikakulam ended in 2010. All those who have been away from various positions in the town for 14 years are now coming closer to Dharmana. Shankar, who is contesting from tdp, has expanded in shankar Rural and Gara mandals for the last two and a half years. The only minus for him is that he could not gain control over the area where lakshmi devi resides due to the absence of a constituency in-charge position to exercise power in the city. That's why shankar seems a bit weak in the city, but there are expectations that he will recover at the time of the elections. And the urban voter has a strong anti-governance sentiment. shankar is confident that it will come to him.
After being elected as an mla in 2019, no government employee will ever forget the notice that Dharmana stuck in his camp office. The notice was put in palm-data-sized letters not to come to him for personal work, transfers, and letters of recommendation. Two and a half years later, when he became a minister, they put the gunmen in front closed the gate, and killed him. The old name of dharma was lost as the talk spread that only those doing financial affairs and business had access to errors.
TDP's shankar may not be a match for Dharmana Charisma personally. But the voters of srikakulam are always with the bicycle symbol. Many of lakshmi Devi's fans who said that there is no way to give a ticket to anyone except lakshmi devi, are now binding themselves to the party's decision one by one. However, it is true that Dharmana Jr., who is a seasoned political warrior, is facing the odds to win against Shankar.

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