Botsa's Nephew Adds Complexity to Election Race.!

Sindujaa D N
In the Chipurupalli constituency of vizianagaram district, the upcoming election poses a complex challenge for incumbent minister Botsa Satyanarayana of the ysr congress party (YCP). Despite his previous victories in 2004 and 2009, followed by a recovery in the 2019 elections, Botsa data-faces tough competition this time, particularly from senior tdp leader Kimidi Kala Venkatarao.
Botsa's previous victories have been in the midst of tough competition, and his opponent, kala venkatarao, poses a formidable challenge. Kala Venkatarao's entry into the race has injected new energy into the tdp, reviving the party's prospects in the constituency.
Additionally, the blow dealt by Botsa's nephew, Majji Srinu, adds another layer of complexity to the election dynamics. Majji Srinu's involvement in electioneering has traditionally been a plus for Botsa, but recent dissatisfaction with the party may impact his influence.
In Cheepurupalli constituency, with its significant number of voters and polling booths, the battle between the tdp and ycp is intense. The recent migration of key figures, such as Gadde Baburao and the family of late mla Kotla Sanyasappalanaidu, to the tdp further complicates the electoral landscape.
Moreover, the TDP's decision to field kala venkatarao instead of Nagarjuna, son of former minister Kimidi Mrinalini, reflects internal party dynamics and strategies to confront a strong leader like Botsa.

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