EX MLA Muthireddy: Case registered against Yadagiri Reddy

EX mla Muthireddy: Case registered against Yadagiri Reddy…

A complaint has been filed against muthireddy yadagiri reddy, the former MLA. In reference to the land issue, Gadipelli Rajender reddy, the son of former BRS party municipal chairperson Gadipelli Premalatha reddy, lodged a police case. A case has been registered against former mla Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy. Gadipelli Rajender reddy, son of former municipal chairperson of the BRS party, Gadipelli Premalatha reddy, filed a complaint with the police regarding the land dispute. They complained that he had illegally entered his land from his patta land survey number 214 in Chitakodur to survey number 39 under janagama revenue.

For questions about this, they accused him of threatening their family members and preventing them from going abroad.

Rajender reddy complained directly to ACP Ankit Kumar Shankhwad with the evidence of land encroachment. As per the orders of ACP, cases have been registered against muthireddy yadagiri reddy and his follower Booreddy Pramod reddy under various sections. It is known that previously his own daughter Tuljabhavani complained about Yadagiri reddy at uppal police Station. She alleged that her signature was forged in the case of land in siddipet district. Tulja Bhavani reddy alleged that one acre and twenty pits of land were registered in his name. His own daughter's complaint against Muthireddy created a sensation at that time. Currently, another land dispute case has become a topic of discussion as it has been registered.

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