Attempts to change candidate, Avinash. Sharmila broke the pot.

Attempts to change candidate, Avinash. sharmila broke the pot.

Andhra Pradesh State congress president YS sharmila has criticized that ycp is shaking with its campaign in Kadapa. sharmila complained that people believe that avinash Reddy is a murderer and that they are trying to change avinash Reddy a kadapa mp Candidate. He questioned why the murderer who killed his father was given a ticket again. sharmila said that she was born in jammalamadugu Campbell Hospital. He said that this is his birth place. ysr and Viveka have earned great reputations as public leaders. They said that they are the same to the people as they are at home with them. He praised them for solving the problem whenever called.

YS dreamed of bringing a steel plant to the kadapa district. If the steel plant comes, it is thought that lakhs of people will get jobs. With the demise of ysr, the project became a foundation stone project. Chandrababu once and jagan twice laid the foundation stone. jagan is protecting YS Viveka's killer avinash Reddy. The authorities are standing by. The accused who committed the murder was ticketed again. cbi has released all the evidence that avinash Reddy is the murderer. But no action. I am contesting as an mp to data-face this injustice. On one hand, YSR's child is on the other hand Viveka's murderer. people should decide who to vote for.

Her daughter YS Sunitha said that YS Viveka was not angry with anyone and that he was a political enemy. He was moved to tears that such a good man was brutally hacked to death, he was hacked 7 times on the head with an axe. They said that they were very frightened to know that their family members had been killed. Sunitha explained that Viveka's murder is not her family matter but it is the matter of the people of kadapa district. It has been revealed that everyone knows who committed the murder and that the fight is being fought to punish the accused. Sunita made it clear that if sharmila is an mp, our voice can be heard till Delhi.

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