Annamalai earns crores without having any position as MP, MLA.!

Annamalai earns crores without having any position as MP, MLA.! 

I don't understand how annamalai, who takes money from friends to support her family, has a husband who invests crores. What will happen if annamalai earns crores of rupees when there is no position as MP, MLA, or councilor? As asked by Chavku Shankar.

 Annamalaiyar Chamber Institute

Journalist Chavku shankar has made new accusations against annamalai, the bjp state president, and coimbatore Lok Sabha candidate. In the social media post, he published in this regard, is this true? He published a post with the question. In that, how did the corrupt money collected by annamalai in the Aravakurichi elections become Annamalaiyar Chamber Company? annamalai, who was the bjp vice-president in the last 20-21 assembly elections, contested in the Aravakurichi assembly of Karur district.

Union home minister amit shah stayed in Aravakurichi and campaigned in his support. The bjp, which was in the AIADMK alliance, said that it was the responsibility of the AIADMK to make him win, so the AIADMK members spent more than 15 crore rupees for the vote. Former minister Sellur Raju confirmed yesterday that he paid Rs 1000 for the vote.

A brick company in the name of Machan

Apart from AIADMK's money, annamalai imported considerable money and men from karnataka through bjp National Secretary PL Chandosh. But he planned to convert the money into an investment instead of spending it entirely and gave it to his own sister's husband Sivakumar. Sivakumar, who is already running a quarry in Karur, has set up a huge brick company named *Annamalaiyar Chamber* in Machan's name in Amarapoondi-Puliyampatti village near palani in Dindigul district within a year of the election with the collected money called Lucky Price.

For this, Sivakumar has bought 24 acres of land in Amarapoondi-Puliyampatti village (Survey No. 169/B, 20/1A2, 20/1B2 and 168) along with Dindigul Chatrapatti senthilkumar by investing several crores. In this place, many crores have been invested so far in brick chambers, high-level water tanks, electrical facility, offices, and staff rooms. It seems that 10 lakh units of soil have been purchased so far. It also seems that annamalai has bought annamalai by threatening Sandal Karikalan to reduce the price and sell soil to Machan Chamber.

If this is the case now.?

I don't understand how annamalai, who normally takes two tin cans and joins college, takes money from friends to support his family, has a machana who invests crores in Annamalai. What will happen if annamalai, who earns crores like MP, MLA, and Councilor, gets the responsibility? As asked by Chavku Shankar.

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