This is the schedule of Chandrababu's 'Prajagalam' meetings

This is the schedule of Chandrababu's 'Prajagalam' meetings…

TDP Chief chandrababu naidu has increased his campaign aggressively as the election in andhra pradesh (AP Elections) is just a few days away. They are moving ahead by holding meetings and road shows everywhere. This time, Chandrababu is campaigning for the election to come to power. As a part of this, they are organizing Prajagalam Sabhas (Prajagalam Sabha) and mdata-aligning the ycp regime.

Also, from tomorrow (Saturday), the tdp leader will participate in the Prajagalam Sabhas held in various constituencies. Along with Chandrababu, janasena Chief pawan kalyan also participated in many meetings. Both leaders will participate in meetings and roadshows on 16th and 17th. Prajagalam sabhas have been completed in 31 constituencies till today. Public meetings will be held for four days from tomorrow. To this extent, tdp has released the Prajagalam schedule.

This is the schedule.

Saturday public vote in Tadikonda and Prattipadu constituencies.

14 Payakaraopet, Chodavaram, Gajuwaka

On 15th, there was a public outcry in Rajam, Palasa, and Tekkali

Chandrababu and pawan kalyan joint assemblies on the 16th and 17th.

On the 16th, a joint roadshow will be organized in the vijayanagaram and Nellimarla constituencies and both leaders will participate in the assembly.

On the 17th, Prajagalam joint assemblies were held in the pedana and machilipatnam constituencies.

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