AP Politics: Take steps to provide timely pension

AP Politics: Take steps to provide timely pension…

In Andhra Pradesh, it is known that the elderly are in trouble for pension. The Citizen for Democratic Front wants to prevent such a situation from happening next month. In Visakhapatnam (Vizag), representatives of that organization Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar and LV Subrahmanyam met election observer sriram Mohan Mishra. He asked to make appropriate arrangements for next month's pension.

They asked that government advisers should not participate in election campaigns. If they participate in the campaign, strict action should be taken. The resigned volunteers were further asked not to act as election agents. If that is the case, there will be no possibility of free elections. He asked to ensure that there is no trouble in the assembly and lok sabha elections in AP.

It was explained that Citizen from Democracy opposes the distribution of money and alcohol in elections. They wanted to stop money and alcohol completely. They opined that it is not right for the state government to alienate the teachers who are playing a major role in the elections. He clarified that if there is any problem in the matter of pensions next month too, the Chief Secretary of the state government will have to take responsibility for it.

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