AP Politics: Sharmila in Pulivendula Sabha

AP Politics: sharmila in pulivendula Sabha…

Kongu Chachi is asking. You are the children, do justice. You are the judges. On one side is the child of ysr and on the other hand the murderer is in the ring, YS sharmila spoke with emotion at the public meeting in Pulivendula. Sunita is also present next to Sharmila. They brought water to the eyes saying that the female child was asking for it. On the one hand, there is justice. On the other hand, there is Dharma. He suggested that it should be decided whether ysr should be the child. Viveka should be the accused in the murder case. The brother criticized ap cm Jagan. He severely criticized jagan for not being a tiger but a cat who has become a slave to the BJP.

Knowing that we were coming to Pulivendu, they took off the lights. If there are no lights, jagan has failed as CM. avinash Reddy was scared when he asked for lights. Sunita is very sad about Viveka's murder. It felt that justice was not being done. jagan walked 3200 kilometers for Anna. He left the driveway of the house for Anna. If jagan is the cm, then ysr wants a welfare rule. Whatever jagan said, he did it. sharmila reminded that Sunita and Chinnamma suffered a lot in the case of Viveka's murder.

'Jagan is not a tiger, but a cat. jagan became a slave to bjp like a cat. He said that if given the power, he would pursue YSR's ambitions. He said that pending projects will be completed within 6 months of coming to power. Of the 42 pending projects, Pattumani could not complete 10. The child of pulivendula could not build at least one capital. He slept in the fort for four and a half years promising to provide 2.30 lakh jobs. Kumbhakarna Lekka wakes up and rushes saying DSC. Not a single promise has been fulfilled in 5 years. They cheated by saying that alcohol is prohibited. Fake brands are being sold in the name of prohibition. Kongu asked. We are asking for your daughter. Do justice you are the decision maker. On one side is YSR's child..on the other is the murderer. On the one hand, there is justice. On the other hand, there is Dharma. sharmila suggested that people should decide whether they want YSR's child or Viveka's murderer avinash Reddy.

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