Seat Discontent: YCP Leaders Abandoning Ship?

Sindujaa D N
The upcoming elections in andhra pradesh are witnessing a surge in campaign activities, with both assembly and parliament elections scheduled for May 13. However, dissatisfaction among leaders who did not secure seats is evident, leading to some staying away from party programs.

The ruling ycp has data-faced criticism for its seat allotment, particularly as part of social reforms, which has left some senior leaders without seats. These leaders are being reassured of justice by the party leadership, promising them positions once jagan assumes power again. 

Adding to the political dynamics, the formation of an alliance between BJP, TDP, and Jana Sena aims to challenge the incumbent government led by Jagan. However, discontent within the alliance has arisen due to the non-allocation of seats to many candidates. 

In response, the ycp leadership plans to absorb dissatisfied candidates from the alliance into their party and allocate seats to them. Nevertheless, this move has led to further disappointment among certain factions within the ycp, resulting in some leaders leaving the party.

One such example is ycp MLA chitti babu from P. gannavaram, who resigned from the party after not receiving a ticket for the upcoming elections. Babu announced his resignation and joined the congress party, expressing his intention to contest from gannavaram under the congress banner. Despite his efforts to secure the gannavaram seat within the ycp, his decision to join the congress reflects his determination to continue his political career.

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