Power Play: Dharmana Brothers' Ascendancy?

Sindujaa D N
The Dharmana family from the srikakulam district stands out in the realm of politics with three brothers actively participating in elections and achieving remarkable success despite changing party affiliations over the years.

The political journey of the Dharmana brothers commenced with Dharmana Prasada Raju's entry into politics, representing the congress Party. He secured victory as an mla and subsequently served as a minister. During the 2004 elections, Dharmana Prasada Raju transitioned to srikakulam, while his elder brother, krishna Das, contested and won from the Narasannapet constituency.

Their political influence extended as krishna DAS' target='_blank' title='dharmana krishna das-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">dharmana krishna das assumed leadership in Narasannapet, shaping district politics alongside his son's involvement. The brothers later joined the ycp before the 2014 elections. While krishna Das initially contested and lost in the 2012 by-elections representing the ycp, both brothers data-faced defeat in the 2014 elections. However, they rebounded in the 2019 elections, securing ministerial positions within the ycp government.

In the upcoming elections, the Dharmana brothers are once again vying for assembly seats under the ycp banner, underscoring their continued presence and influence in the political landscape. The political trajectory of these siblings remains a subject of intrigue, shaping the future dynamics of the region's politics.

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