MP Sanjay Raut said - 'We call EVM for democracy...'

Sekar Chandra
MP sanjay raut said - 'We call EVM for democracy...'

Uddhav faction's mp sanjay raut has made a big allegation against BJP. He also raised many questions regarding EVM. sanjay raut said, "We do not consider EVM as democracy. In this, we do not know for whom we have voted. In the ballot paper, we used to know for whom we have voted. We had said that elections should be held through ballot paper but bjp Doesn't listen to us. In many big countries, elections are held through ballot paper." sanjay raut further said, "BJP should at least show the courage to conduct elections through ballot paper. Why does the bjp love EVM so much? Is there any scam? Does bjp want to do any scam through EVM?"

Even a few months ago, mp Raut had raised questions on EVM. Last year, sanjay raut targeted the bjp regarding the assembly elections held in madhya pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan. The shiv sena (UBT) leader had said that BJP's victory in mp, Chhattisgarh, and rajasthan do not reflect the support of the people but the 'EVM mandate'.

Let us tell you here that in the assembly elections held in three states last year, bjp registered a big victory. sanjay raut said in a statement, “The election results are unexpected and surprising but we respect the democratic process. When the mandate goes against your party, you have to accept it. However, the results of madhya pradesh are not only shocking for us but also heartbreaking. “The election results of three out of four states should be treated as an EVM mandate and accepted as such.” At that time also sanjay raut had repeated the same statement. He had said, "I challenge them (BJP) to conduct elections through ballot paper and we will see the results."

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