After Sunny Deol, will Dinesh Babbu's ticket be cut?

Sekar Chandra
After Sunny Deol, will Dinesh Babbu's ticket be cut?

 As the time for the lok sabha elections is getting closer. Anyway, the movement is increasing. Talking about the Gurdaspur seat of Punjab, the bjp has given a ticket to Dinesh Singh Babbu in place of actor and mp Sunny Deol. But, now the concern about BJP's Gurdaspur seat is going to increase. Kavita Khanna, wife of former mp and actor Vinod Khanna, has indicated to contest elections from the Gurdaspur seat.

‘Gurdaspur gave us a lot of love’

Kavita Khanna, wife of late actor Vinod Khanna, released a video saying that her husband was worried about Gurdaspur in his last moments. He always thought about Gurdaspur. Therefore decided to serve the people of Gurdaspur. Gurdaspur gave us a lot of love. After his death, the people of Gurdaspur became my family. I just want to say that the platform you get to serve through politics is not found anywhere else. I have decided that the way her husband served the people, I will also continue to serve the people.

From which party will Kavita Khanna contest elections?

When Kavita Khanna was asked which party she was going to join or whether she was going to contest the elections as an independent. On this, she said that I have not taken any decision yet, but I know that the parties are all sensible, they know that in the survey, about 70-80 percent of people want me to be their MP. She said that no decision has been taken yet whether she will contest the election as an independent or how she will contest it. She said that I have to serve Gurdaspur and I will serve Gurdaspur under any circumstances.

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