The vibe in Purvanchal is different..let's understand...

S Venkateshwari
The vibe in Purvanchal is different..let's understand...

It appears that afzal ansari would not have strayed from this point even in the present day. This is due to the fact that Muslim politics in Purvanchal, in particular, are closely associated with Dalit and extremely conservative politics. Although it is clear that afzal ansari is the SP candidate this time, he has also had success with the BSP. Sibgatullah Ansari, his older brother, was a BSP mla as well. The three brothers have exclusively engaged in BSP politics. Thus, the Muslims of Purvanchal are just like the Dalits and the backward people. Because of his connections, asaduddin owaisi will not be successful in his attempts to divide Muslims and gain some traction in this place.

The country of Owaisi is not in the north or in Uttar Pradesh. His followers may react favorably if he continues to bring up Mukhtar's passing and makes it a point of contention. In the meantime, the remaining 60 seats in Uttar Pradesh, with the exception of Purvanchal, will suffer if Behenji, Akhilesh, or another Congressman visits Mukhtar's home to offer his condolences or brings up the matter on a regular basis. This is because, in other locations, work is being done based on assumptions; people are unaware of Mukhtar's family background or his relationship to the public, including Akhilesh and Mayawati, should he choose to save his political career throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, we cannot make Mukhtar a problem, even if we wanted to. Their votes are dispersed throughout Uttar Pradesh, where the bjp can combine votes based on public opinion. With Owaisi, there is no risk.

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