Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyapratha Sahu has said that the Election Commission's aim


Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyapratha Sahu has said that the election Commission's aim

election commission to carry out new procedures: Sathyaprada Sahu information!

tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyapratha Sahu has said that the election Commission's aim is that no voter should be left out.

Chief Electoral Officer of tamil Nadu Mr. Satyapratha Sahu said that it is the aim of the election commission that no voter should be left out and for this, the Commission has implemented many new procedures.

While releasing the manual at the release ceremony of the Parliamentary lok sabha General election 2024 manual prepared by the chennai Press Information office of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, he said that many changes have been made in the registration of postal votes.

He said that the practice of voting has been introduced for the officers engaged in election work at the place where they receive training, and after the voters over 85 years of age and disabled voters have been allowed to vote by post, about four lakh people have filled the form with enthusiasm.

He pointed out that the difficulty of postal voting by the army personnel has been removed and now an electronic voting system called EDPBS is being followed. The Chief Electoral Officer mentioned that changes are being made to the extent that those working in the railway sector and the media can use the postal voting system and said that this is because of the election Commission's aim that no voter should be left out.

Satyagraha Sahu said that since polling booths are a place where people gather in one place and do their democratic duty, basic facilities like shade pavilions, drinking water, and toilets are provided here and facilities like wheelchairs and assistants are provided for the differently abled.

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He said that since people are eager to express their rights by voting in elections, indian voters can gather information from all media and decide who to vote for knowing what is right, and this manual will help to provide more such information and requested that the media should take it to the people. He pointed out that the average voter turnout of 73 to 74 percent in the consecutive elections in tamil Nadu is proof of the increasing interest of the voters.

After that, the Chief Electoral Officer, while answering the questions of the reporters, said that there is no discrimination in the vehicle checks to control cash flow and 7 surveillance vehicle squads are operating per assembly constituency.

Responding to a question about campaigning on social media, YouTube, etc. even after the election campaign is over, he said that it is not allowed to gather people in public places to collect votes and that the use of social media is a personal matter.

Answering a question about action against hate speech, he said that since it is related to the election Code of Conduct, although the election commission cannot take legal action, a case is registered and action is taken by the police department under the indian Penal Code and the Representation of the people Act.

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