Annamalai, who came to Coimbatore with a tin box, is worth crores today!


Annamalai, who came to coimbatore with a tin box, is worth crores today!

The property value of annamalai, the bjp candidate contesting in coimbatore, has come to light from his nomination papers

The date for the parliamentary lok sabha elections has been announced. Accordingly, polling will be held in one phase on april 19 in tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The votes cast in the election will be counted on june 4 and the results will be declared on the same day.

The nomination process for contesting the lok sabha elections in 2024 started on the 20th. Since the 27th (today) was the last day to file nominations, many people filed their nominations today. In it, the details of the property values mentioned by the candidates have now been released. In that way, the property value of bjp candidate annamalai contesting in coimbatore has come to light from his nomination.

Accordingly, bjp state president annamalai has movable assets worth Rs 36 lakh 4100 and immovable assets worth Rs 1.12 crore. His wife Akila has movable property of Rs.36 lakh 4100 and immovable property of Rs.1 crore 12 lakh. His wife Akila has movable assets worth Rs 2 crore 3 lakh 12 thousand 77 and immovable assets worth Rs 53 lakh.

25 lakh 30 thousand 492 rupees in hdfc Bank. 2608 in Canara Bank. annamalai also said that he has 5 lakh rupees in cash. He also mentioned that his wife Akila has 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees in hand.

annamalai has also mentioned in her nomination that she owns a honda City car worth Rs 5 lakh. annamalai has also stated that there are 24 cases against him in the affidavit submitted while filing the nomination.

Earlier, annamalai, who contested in Aravakurichi constituency in the last assembly election held in 2021, lost. During that election, annamalai had mentioned in his nomination papers that he had movable assets of Rs.46,13,849 in his name and immovable assets of Rs.94,73,348 in the name of his wife. He had also listed several lands including 76 acres of native land as immovable properties.

Meanwhile, coimbatore AIADMK candidate Singhai Ramachandran, his father's MLA. bjp candidate for coimbatore and state president of the party annamalai, who criticized that he bought seats and studied in quota, said that he came to coimbatore in 2002 to study in 2002 by taking 2 tin cans and 3 buses. But now his property is worth crores.

annamalai said that not only in this election but also in the last election of 2021, there were 76 acres of native land. It is noteworthy that many people are criticizing annamalai for saying that he came to coimbatore with a tin can, portraying himself as a poor man, despite owning so many acres of land.

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