Former Congress MP who withdrew his nomination in Nellai. Ramasuppu: This is the reason!

Former congress mp who withdrew his nomination in Nellai. Ramasuppu: This is the reason!


Former congress mp filed his nomination for Nellai lok sabha constituency. Ramasuppu has withdrawn

Congress former mp Ramasubbu withdrew his nomination from the Nellai constituency

A total of 10 constituencies have been allocated to the congress party, which is a part of the DMK alliance in the lok sabha elections 2024, 9 in tamil Nadu and 1 in Puducherry. Accordingly, the congress Party is contesting in Tiruvallur (Separate), Cuddalore, mayiladuthurai, Sivagangai, Tirunelveli, Krishnagiri, Karur, Virudhunagar, Kanyakumari and puducherry constituencies.

Instead of Trichy, Theni, and Arani, which the congress contested last time, the congress party has been given 3 constituencies namely Cuddalore, mayiladuthurai, and Tirunelveli.

However, there was a delay in announcing the candidates in the congress party. The reason for that is the Nellai and mayiladuthurai constituencies. There was a lot of demand for those blocks. As a result, the congress party announced the list of candidates for the other constituencies except those constituencies, and on the 25th, the congress leadership announced the candidates for the Nellie constituency and the next day for the mayiladuthurai constituency.

Accordingly, Robert Bruce has been declared as a candidate for the Nellai constituency and sudha for the mayiladuthurai constituency. With this, many seniors seem to be dissatisfied. To ensure that, the former mp of Nellie lok sabha constituency. Ramasuppu had filed his nomination.

In this situation, a former congress mp filed the nomination for the Nellie lok sabha constituency. Ramasuppu has withdrawn. He said that he filed his nomination to express his concern and that he would never work against the congress party.

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