Rahul Gandhi's future darkness-Himanta Biswas attack


Rahul Gandhi's future darkness-Himanta Biswas attack…

Now a few days are left for the first phase of voting for the lok sabha elections 2024. Before voting in assam, political parties engaged in election campaigns are attacking their opponents. In this sequence, assam Chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma attacked congress Party mp rahul gandhi and said that his future is in darkness and congress will not survive till 2026. Speaking to reporters in Biswanath on monday (March 25), he said, “Voting for congress party means voting for rahul gandhi, voting for bjp means voting for narendra Modi. people who love narendra Modi and believe that india will become a world leader will vote for bjp in this election. Even those who believe in rahul Gandhi's leadership know that his future is bleak. “Even the future of rahul gandhi is bleak and the future of his followers is also bleak.”

‘There will be no congress party in assam till 2026’

He further said, “In the last one and a half months, you have seen a big erosion of the congress as many congress leaders, and workers joined bjp and AGP. I believe that there will be no congress party in assam till 2026. I do not want to comment on Bharat Narah because I am not in touch with him but I believe that by 2026 there will be no congress party in assam, they will survive only in some small areas."

‘Good leaders are joining BJP’

The senior bjp leader further said, “Many good leaders will continue to join bjp till the lok sabha elections and the process of joining will continue even after the lok sabha elections.” He even claimed that by 2025, assam Pradesh congress Committee President Bhupen Kumar Bora will also join the BJP.

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