Akhilesh Yadav surrounded in his own house?


Akhilesh Yadav surrounded in his own house? 

bharatiya janata party (BJP) has released the 5th list of candidates for the lok sabha elections. The party has announced a total of 111 candidates on the list. These also include the names of 12 candidates from UP. Till now bjp has finalized the names of 63 candidates in UP. With the announcement of bjp candidates, its impact has also started becoming visible. A glimpse of this was seen on the occasion of Holi. The Yadav family celebrated holi together on monday (25 March). During this time, akhilesh yadav, Uncle Shivpal Yadav, and cousin dharmendra Yadav, all were seen together and there was only one thing on everyone's lips and that was the 2024 elections. akhilesh yadav who was earlier claiming to win 80 seats in UP. On the occasion of holi, he was seen talking only about the Yadav family.

'Given tickets to all the family members'

Akhilesh said during the holi Mahotsav organized in Saifai, "People are raising many questions about the family members, so we also made a record and gave tickets to all the family members. This record was also broken because bjp people don't know what." -What do you say?"

'This election of the future'

He said that we will ask the bjp to take a pledge on this holi that they will not give tickets to any family member and they will not go to ask for votes from any family member. The SP chief said that this is not just an election, but also an election for your and my future.

Shivpal Yadav's advice to workers

On this occasion, Shivpal Yadav told the workers that along with holi, they also have to prepare for the elections. Get serious in the 2024 elections and whatever responsibility is being given to you, complete it seriously. Whatever has to be done, do it, if you have to convince someone then do it.

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