Upendra Kushwaha lamented the pain of time with poetry


Upendra Kushwaha lamented the pain of time with poetry…

upendra Kushwaha Statement: On RLM State President Ramesh Singh Kushwaha joining JDU, upendra Kushwaha has expressed his displeasure with JDU through gestures on X.  

RLM state president Ramesh Singh Kushwaha left the party along with his wife and joined JDU. On this, RLM chief upendra Kushwaha has reacted to this. On this issue, he has advised the angry party workers to read some lines of Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He wrote that 'what is bygone is bygone...' Remember this line.

'Let me know if you need a candidate'

upendra Kushwaha wrote on How many of its buds have dried, how many flowers have withered, where have those withered blossomed again, but tell me about the dried flowers, when Madhuvan makes noise, what has passed is gone. By the way, JDU people are requested to let us know if they need any more candidates, please.

Ramesh Singh Kushwaha joins the JDU state office

Former mla from Jiradei, Siwan, and RLM state president Ramesh Singh Kushwaha and his wife Vijay lakshmi joined JDU on Saturday. Vijay lakshmi can be a JDU candidate from Siwan in the lok sabha elections. At the same time, mp Sanjay Jha, minister Vijay Chaudhary, and State President Umesh Kushwaha were present in the JDU state office regarding this program.

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