It would be better to hand over...Sandeep Dixit after Kejriwal's arrest


It would be better to hand over...Sandeep Dixit after Kejriwal's arrest…

Aam Aadmi party (AAP) says that cm arvind kejriwal will not resign from his post. While bjp is raising questions regarding this, congress leader sandeep Dikshit says that there is no legal obstacle in continuing as cm from jail but it would be better if he nominates someone else as CM. Speaking to news agency ANI, sandeep Dixit said, "There is no legal hindrance in whether the cm stays in jail or not." It is Aam Aadmi Party's decision as to what it wants to do. I want to say that administratively it would be better if he nominates someone else. It's completely up to them. It would be better that we wait for what decision you and kejriwal Saheb take.

bjp has no right to question morality- sandeep Dixit

At the same time, when bjp demanded his resignation, sandeep Dixit said, "There is a tradition in politics that if someone is accused of rape, he should be removed, but bjp never remembered him, who never took a moral stand.". So he has no right to question someone else's morality. Giving the example of Russia, sandeep Dixit said, "I am already saying that whether Putin does anything or not, he keeps winning by taking votes. All the local people and opposition there say that they have taken the democratic process within themselves. In the same way, the bjp swings state-level and national-level elections in its favor.

This is what the rebels in Himachal said about joining BJP

On the other hand, on the issue of rebel MLAs joining bjp in Himachal Pradesh, sandeep Dixit said that there is no surprise in this but we were wondering why there is so much delay in it. It is possible that we may not be able to agree on something. sandeep Dixit said that the bjp is directly behind the rebellion of the MLAs. How do you suddenly get angry during a government of six months and a year? Even during Vishila ji's time, MLAs used to get angry, and getting work done by talking is a different thing, but if they vote against the government and try to topple it, then we have to ask who is behind it.

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