Sunita Kejriwal - Appeal to the people of Delhi


Sunita kejriwal - Appeal to the people of Delhi…

Sunita kejriwal said, "We have to be conscious and recognize these powers." These forces have to be defeated. Many people in india are patriots and want to take india forward. We have to connect with these forces and strengthen them further. My mother and sisters from delhi must be thinking that kejriwal has gone inside, we don't know whether we will get a thousand rupees or not. I appeal to all mothers and sisters to have faith in their brothers and sons.

'There are no bars that...'

He further said, “There are no bars that can keep your brother and son inside for long. I will come out soon and fulfill my promise. Has it ever happened to date that kejriwal has made a promise and it has not been fulfilled? Your brother and your son are made of iron. is very strong. I just have a request to go to the temple once and seek blessings from god for me. The prayers of crores of people are with me. This is my strength.

'I will come back soon'

Sunita kejriwal said, "I appeal to all the workers of aam aadmi party that the work of social service and public service should not stop due to my entry. Because of this, one should not hate bjp people also. They are all my brothers and sisters. I will return soon. Your Arvind.

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