BJP leader Rajendra Rathore expressed his pain...?


bjp leader Rajendra Rathore reached Bharatpur to participate in the cluster meeting of Bharatpur division. After losing the elections from Taranagar, it was expected that the party could contest the elections by giving lok sabha ticket to bjp leader Rajendra Rathore. But at present this has not happened, although it can still be expected that he will get the ticket.

Rajendra Rathore's pain spills over

Meanwhile, Rajendra Rathore's pain was expressed. He said, "I am a defeated person, but I will work from laying on the floor to fulfilling big responsibilities as the party will order." Apart from this, on rahul Kaswa joining congress, he said that some opportunistic people switch parties.

CM Bhajanlal Sharma had reached the three lok sabha seats of Bharatpur cluster of eastern rajasthan to hold a meeting with the workers. Bharatpur cluster in-charge Rajendra Rathore had also reached Bharatpur for the cluster meeting. While talking to the press, Rathod said that bjp is going to win all the lok sabha seats of rajasthan again. congress has now lost its existence, which once ruled the entire country and is now confined to a small area.

'India became stronger'

Regarding the lok sabha elections, bjp leader Rajendra Rathod said, "This time the slogan is 400 crosses." There is an atmosphere of Modi and ram in the entire country. During the 10 years of rule, India's shine and prestige has increased in front of the world. Our infrastructure has increased. The life of the poor has improved. India's data-borders have become stronger. people have now started feeling self-respecting.

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