Unique tradition of tribals - Women lathicharge young men...?


Now three days are left for the festival of colors, Holi. holi festival is celebrated in different traditions in every region. One such unique holi is celebrated at the famous Jawar Mata temple, 40 kilometers away from Udaipur. Here young men climb a tall tree and take down bundles of paddy (neja). Whereas non-playing women shower lathis on the youth. Youths also get injured in this. Still carry on the tradition. Hundreds of youth gather in it. Know, what is special in the holi tradition of Udaipur?

While talking to the media, the priest of udaipur Jawar Mata temple, gautam Lal, said that the tradition of looting Nezha has been going on for many years. people from nearby villages also participate in Jawar Mata Temple. The wishes made in this are also fulfilled.

In fact, as per the tradition of taking off Neja, rice, wheat and coconut are tied in red cloth and kept on a tall Semal tree in front of the temple at a height of 30 feet. In the morning, Mataji's Aarti is performed in the temple and then women play non-daily games. women dance with swords and sticks in their hands and dance to the beats of drums and kundi. Meanwhile, as per the tradition of looting Neza, hundreds of youths run towards the tree. Then the women shower bamboo sticks on those who loot Nezha.

people of three villages put on and take off Neja

Thousands of people from 6 nearby villages participate in the tradition of looting Neza. In this, people from three villages tie the neck and three take it off. When the youth climb the tree, the thorns on the Semal tree prick them, causing injuries. Not only this, hundreds of youths climb the same tree and pull each other's legs and push them down. In such a situation, the one who climbs to the top in the end is declared the winner. The special thing is that even in such a crowd there is no fight. It is also said behind this unique tradition of the tribals that the people of the village where Neja is brought down, the village remains prosperous throughout the year.

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