BJP Chief gave offer to Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam...


Does bjp want to take Sanjay Nirupam into its camp? Actually, this discussion started suddenly when bjp state president Chandrashekhar Bawankule gave a statement on Friday. Bawankule said that Sanjay Nirupam has a good name among North Indians. He has not talked to me yet but I would like to say that if anyone is impressed by Modi's work then bjp is always ready for people like him.

The open offer from bjp is being made at a time when congress has given up claim for the West mumbai lok sabha seat. Sources reveal that Sanjay Nirupam wanted to contest lok sabha elections from this seat. This decision is being considered as a blow for Sanjay Nirupam. Sanjay Nirupam has been an mp from mumbai North seat. However, in the 2014 elections he had to data-face defeat at the hands of BJP's Gopal Shetty.

mumbai West seat near Shinde faction

Gajanan Kirtikar of Eknath Shinde's faction shiv sena is the mp from mumbai West seat from where he wants to contest. There are six lok sabha seats in Maharashtra. It is believed that under the formula decided between Mahavikas Aghadi, Shiv Sena-UBT will contest on four seats and congress on two. For this reason, congress is withdrawing its claim from this seat.

Shock to congress before elections

In Maharashtra, neither Mahavikas Aghadi nor Mahayuti alliance has made any official announcement regarding seat sharing. However, bjp has declared the names of its candidates on many seats. Whereas the process of party-change continues before the elections. congress leader Nitin Kodwate and his wife Chanda Kodwate joined bjp, regarding which Bawankule said that with both of them joining our party, bjp will be strengthened in Gadchiroli district.

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