Will Sharad Pawar contest Lok Sabha elections from this seat?


sharad pawar has made it clear that he will not contest elections from Madha (Madha lok sabha constituency). Meanwhile, for the last few days, there was a strong discussion in the political circles whether sharad pawar himself would contest the elections from pune or Madha. In this way, sharad pawar himself has put an end to these discussions and made it clear that he will not contest the elections.

According to ABP Majha, sharad pawar has expressed opposition to the arrest of delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. sharad pawar said, "Misuse of ED and cbi agencies continues." By freezing the accounts they are trying to stop the campaign of a big party in the country. The chief minister of jharkhand has also been arrested. The chief minister is being put in jail, action is being taken. It is wrong to arrest the head of the state."

Pawar further said, "This policy is wrong, it is an insulting government. I condemn this misuse of truth." sharad pawar also made it clear that he will stand firmly behind Arvind Kejriwal. sharad pawar said, "You have put a good man in jail. Democracy is being strangled."

Who can be the candidate from Madha seat?

sharad pawar said, it is my personal demand that Mahadev Jankar should contest elections instead of Madha. No decision has been taken yet regarding Jyoti Mete. sharad pawar has said that more people will come to us, after the seats of the Grand Alliance are decided, more people will come. sharad pawar said, "So far in this country, barring a few exceptions, elections have been held in a free environment. There are doubts as to how fair the elections will be. Institutions are being used, congress accounts have been frozen. "This has never happened before. people from the opposition party are being targeted by the ED or others. Institutions are being used."

Pawar further said, "This government has reached the level of arresting the Chief Minister. Democracy is being strangled. 80 to 90 percent people like Kejriwal. The government is silent on electoral bonds. They have received all the money."

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